Sensor Solar Flush Valve (HB-8000SLE-A)


The Hydrotek 8000SLE Series AUTOFLUSH Valve is the most advanced electronic flushing system in the industry today. By incorporating our field tested electronic circuitry and a slow-closing solenoid valve, Hydrotek has developed an innovative non-diaphragm, piston flushing mechanism that will provide years of dependable and trouble free service. The Hydrotek AUTOFLUSH system is completely automatic; there is no contact with any surface, no handle to push and it flushes only when it is used. It provides the ultimate in sanitary protection, the convenience of cleaner restroom facilities and the most efficient system in water conservation.This AUTOFLUSH valve is solar powered and available in complete or retrofit configurations.





  • Piston-operated, slow-closing, closet flush valve with electronic sensor control.
  • Stainless Steel piston filter screen is self-cleaning and VSI Silicone Elastomer piston seals are un affected by exposure to chlorine, chloramines, or ammonia.
  • ACCU SENSE Sensor.
  • Sensor range and gallons per flush are preset and adjustable, with function and low battery indicator light.
  • Standard equipped with battery holders and four (4) AA Alkaline Batteries.
  • Features include: chrome plated brass cap and valve body that can be field adjustable for left or right inlet.
  • ADA compliant mechanical and manual flush button, adjustable tailpiece, high back pressure.
  • Vacuum breaker spud coupling wall spud flanges.
  • Sweat solder kit and vandal resistant 1 inch I.P.S. angle stop and 1 - 1/2" inch top spud.