Hydrotek Social Responsibility Implementation Guide

As one of the leading brand manufacturers of sensor faucets, we believe that we should ensure that basic social responsibility standards are implemented within the company and in business relationships with suppliers.

Therefore, we have designed the following basic code of conduct for compliance.

1.Human dignity.

Human dignity is the most basic prerequisite for human beings to live together.

2.Comply with regulations.

Current national laws and regulations, relevant industrial, health and safety standards must be observed.

3.Child labor is prohibited.

Eliminate the use of child labor or underage labor.

4.Forced labor and punishment are prohibited.

Any form of forced labor is prohibited, physical punishment, body search, physical or mental violence or verbal insults are prohibited. Disciplinary measures in the form of wage reductions are prohibited.

5.The right to collective bargaining.

Relevant communication consensus mechanisms and channels should be established to ensure the right of employees to complain and make suggestions.

6.Discrimination is prohibited.

Discrimination on employees’ gender, age, religious beliefs, race, social background, appearance, disability, birth, pregnancy or any other personal characteristics is prohibited.

7.Business hours.

Normal working hours shall be implemented in accordance with laws and regulations, including daily working hours and weekly working hours. Overtime pay shall be paid in accordance with the payment standards prescribed by law to cover overtime pay. Ensure that workers have at least one day off within 7 hours.


Salaries and other remunerations received by employees should comply with regulations or industry standards, and must be clearly defined in advance and paid regularly.

Need to guarantee formal employee benefits, such as social insurance, paid holidays, etc.

9.Safety and hygiene in the workplace

The safety and health of employees in the workplace should be guaranteed. Eliminate any workplace conditions and working conditions that violate basic interests.

10.Environmental protection

Comply with national and local environmental laws and regulations, and establish an appropriate management system to ensure that its activities meet the purpose of environmental protection. Environmental protection and safety regulations related to handling, chemical and other hazardous substances should be observed.

11.Protection of intellectual property and proprietary information

Hydrotek’s suppliers or sub-suppliers must protect Hydrotek’s confidential information and product information.