Conflict Minerals Policy

Conflict Minerals Policy

As a good corporate citizen, Hydrotek shall bear its social responsibility, respect the human rights, pay close attention to conflict minerals issues continuously, and make efforts to examine its supply chain to assure the metals sources of, including but not limited to, tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W) and gold (Au) (hereinafter referred as "Conflict Minerals") are not drifted from the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its neighboring countries (hereinafter referred as "Conflict Regions") controlled by armed groups. Hydrotek hereby expects its suppliers to comply with the Electronic Industry Code Conduct and to only source materials from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers. In support of this, Hydrotek makes following commitments:

·        Requesting suppliers not to purchase and use Conflict Minerals sourced from Conflict Regions.

·         Requesting suppliers to trace the origins of the minerals used, e.g. Au, Ta, Sn and W, to ensure that they are not sourced from Conflict Regions.

·          Requesting suppliers to report immediately with corrective actions if any Conflict Mineral is used in items supplied to Hydrotek.

·        Requesting to notify their upstream suppliers of such requirements.