• Concept of Design

    We would take into consideration of users requirements and users experiences simultaneously. The faucet outer shape will be designed not only with which markets' aesthetic. In order to provide a comfortable use feeling, we will study how much water flowing strength is appropriate, which maintenance. Making installation procedure clear and simple, minimize the No. of parts, choosing environmentally friendly materials as production materials, and doing utmost to adopt green energy as product power source.

  • Hygiene

    One of the main appeals for the automatic sensor faucet is hygiene. Hands washing without touching the faucet could avoid bacterial infections; but there are more details except this function, for example: keeping the basin and faucet hygiene needs drain water effectively on faucet outer shape, also could drain water naturally on bottom of installed faucets, and need properly shaping bevel face surrounding the basins; therefore it could guarantee the faucet not easily attach the water, always dry and hygiene.

    For the basin where could stick with debris after use, we have a variety of flow control time for choice which could clean the basin automatically at fixed time, such as: water flowing 1 minute every 24 hours … to ensure basin hygiene.

  • Space

    Through several years of experiences and market research, we learned many different kinds of needs. Such as hospitals, other than automatic functions, it needs manual switch water features sometimes. We therefore have submitted many solutions which are welcome by customers, and also obtained many related patents, for example: # 5000 series of products, have been mass produced nearly 10 years which conveniences by designing manual and automatic on the same handle, with minimal space, manual and automatic functional integrated together, it not only can be used during a power outage, but also can be adjusted mixing temperature above the basin, no longer knee down below the basin for temperature adjusting. More commendable is that we brought the superior function of ceramic valve inside the automatic sensor faucet design, integrated tightly ceramic valve manual function and automatic sensor faucet. Creating a new design direction on automatic sensor faucet, which advantage is that it has both the long life from ceramic valve, could adjust hot and cold water at precise proportion, and adjust the water flow.

  • Cleanness

    Everyone enjoys bright, clean, fresh and dry public restrooms and toilets, how to keep it in tidy has remained an utmost important matter. Leading the users access to the inner side of washing basin and help put their hands inside the basin while washing will be able to diminish the water from splashing outside the basin. A demand like this could be made from designing the ideal water spray height and angle. Leading the users put their hands under the most appropriate area, to achieve the purpose of less water splash. Therefore, a design by developing a downward sensing control system, integrating spout position setting, developing special mathematical and logical operations, using computation and repeated simulation, and controlling the shooting and the receiving angles, so that the control system could adjust automatically the optimized sensing distance in various installation environments. This control module has been structurally design, it can be integrated with the individual customer's Faucets.

  • Green Energy

    As energy demand expands continuously, the Earth is suffering unprecedented destruction. As citizens of this planet, we have an obligation to minimize energy use. We study and reduce energy consumption of automatic sensor faucet, so that the battery can provide 50% more than normal of washing cycles; Besides, developing the use of solar assist power supply system, under proper light conditions, to upgrade the battery life once more. Furthermore, there is already a R&D plan towards the direction of the free energy supply, under patent-pending among countries.

  • Care

    All of designs were made to dedicate on the sustainable development of the Earth, such as: energy saving, electricity saving, simple mechanical design, reducing the use of materials, increasing the stability of the product, reducing maintenance, deep understanding users' requirements, supply appropriate function and avoid repeated retrofit consumption. Always keeping in mind at this stance to care about the environment, care for the users, contributing our endeavors to all of us, users and environments.