Electronic parts/Service Kits

Benefits of Hydrotek Electronic and Service Kits

It’s special designed for sensor faucet, flush valve, and shower. With small volume occupying little space, easy integrated or retrofitted with any faucet body, modern touch-free reliable function at an affordable price. This is a new technology that has been around for only a few years and public facilities are loving the benefits. Check out some of the advantages of sensor electronic and service kits below:



Adds a certain level of convenience that you aren’t used to in your experiences.


Filter Included

Also includes an in-line filter with a clean-out trap, which helps to limit maintenance costs.


Time-Out Feature

Also comes equipped with a time-out feature, which is an optional feature that will time-out the water for reduced water usage and water conservation.


Simple Installation and Assembly

Also very easy to install! Their practical design and the low number of parts make the installation process stress-free and lightning-fast. Furthermore, this benefit means that replacing parts is also very simple.


ADA Compliant

ADA compliant, so those with disabilities have access to them.


Adjustable Sensor

Adapt to different installation environments.

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