How to choose a Sensor Faucet

As the Covid-19 pandemic ups and downs, everyone now has raised the concept of pandemic prevention. On every pandemic safety list is frequent hand washing, an automatic Sensor Faucet makes hand washing process easy and virtually contact free. Thus, a Hand-free electronic Sensor Faucet has become the option to put an end to the pandemic infection.

7 tips for how to choose an Automatic Sensor Water Faucet:

  • 1. Faucet appearance: The chrome plating luster is bright and well-distributed, with no blister, no peeling off, no scratches, and no dents so the auto sensor faucet could be aesthetic, and durable in use.
  • 2. Sensor: Auto-adjusting sensor distance function, connector with above IP67 waterproof level.
  • 3. Water Saving: When the hand or object enters into the sensor range, the water will flow immediately, and the water close immediately upon leaving.
  • 4. Electricity Saving: Choosing low wattage of Automatic Sensor Water Faucets.
  • 5. With approved certifications, such as Water Conservation Mark, Environmental Label…etc. (For Taiwan's local market)
  • 6. Easy Installation.
  • 7. Prompt Service.

The above is a direction while choosing an automatic sensor water tap, then picking a proper faucet appearance to match the bathroom/kitchen style. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.