The principle of total automatic Sensor Faucet

The principle of total auto sensor faucet:

Using the reflecting beam theory of infrared, hands are placed under the faucet spouts, the blocked infrared beam reflects on the infrared receiver, sending a signal throughout the processing of micro computer of integrated circuit, after the solenoid valve received the signal, will open the valve cartridge to flow water based on micro computer commands. After hands are left, the solenoid valve couldn’t receive any signals, will close the faucet as valve cartridge restored through its inner spring.

The advantage of total auto sensor faucet:

  • Smart water conservation, conserve water about 60%.
  • Convenient, sanitary. No need to touch, prevent cross infection.
  • Over time protection, will auto stop water while flowing over 30 seconds.
  • Convenient maintenance. Inlet filter device could prevent chemicals invading the solenoid valve, affecting working.
  • Intelligent electricity saving.
  • Manufacturing craft elegant, with excellent cosmetic luster, streamline design, strong modernity.
  • Wide ranges of Installation areas.