AC Adapter or DC Battery Operated? One question for Sensor Faucet

There are two main power supply choices: AC Adapter or DC Battery in the Automatic Water Faucets market.

1. AC Adapter hardwired-powered adopts power source input voltage AC220V-110V, and the output voltage drops to DC 15-6V or AC 6V.
2. DC Battery Powered adopts AA Alkaline batteries.

Choosing AC Adapter or DC Battery Operated? It depends on the power supply device in installation environments.

The advantages and disadvantages of both AC adapter and DC Battery are stated as follows:

AC Adapter:

    Advantage: No battery change requirements.
    1. Need to consider if enough plug-in seats in installation environments.
    2. The automatic water tap is out of work when power outages; but not included the touchless electronic sensor faucet with manual function is.

DC Battery:

    Advantage: Not limited by AC plug-in seats, nor power outages.
    Disadvantage: Need to replace with a new battery after an average of 300,000 on/off cycles.

The consumer could choose a suitable hands-free automatic water faucet based on his own installation environment and hand-washing habits. If you have any product or solution questions, please send an email ASAP.